When relationships change, especially at mid-life, everything changes. Your life and identity were shaped around life with a partner.

Now what?

Changes in relationships change who you are:

  • your values, lifestyle, self worth, sense of purpose, dreams,
  • definition of success, and identity.
  • You don’t just divorce a spouse or break off a relationship; you divorce a life.

Right now you may feel:

  • Overwhelmed and confused
  • Uncertain about your future
  • Lonely, depressed, or possibly alone for the first time
  • Betrayed, and unsure if you can ever trust again
  • Numb and uncertain of who to turn to

Although a relationship has ended, you now have the opportunity to look at life with your own vision for the future.

Coaching will help you:

  • Be emotionally and mentally organized for change
  • Move beyond anger, fear, doubt and anxiety
  • Manage your physical and emotional health
  • Define what has meaning to you now, and rekindle your passion for the future
  • Establish a renewed sense of self and live life with real meaning

Whether your divorce, relationship change, or other life changing event was a month ago or over 10 years ago, now is the time to begin anew.

For 30 years I’ve worked with individuals in my professional roles as therapist, social worker, teacher, manager, and now coach. After being divorced in 2003, I have successfully recreated my life goals and purpose.

Working together, we will focus on moving forward to a successful new beginning.

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When relationships end and nothing is certain, everything becomes possible. - Cathy Cox

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